Preparing Your Home for a Security System

Preparing Your Home for a Security System


Crime today is more rampant than ever. Every day, home owners lose their possessions to home intruders. Losing material things is bad enough, but the thought of losing a family member or pet is unthinkable. Feeling threatened and the loss of peace lingers long after intruders leave your home. Many people are turning to home security installations to help defend their home and property. There are several things you can do to prepare your home for installation.

Before you get a home security system installed, take a walk around your home. Search for areas that you think may offer an intruder an easy entrance into your home. Look for broken locks on windows and doors. If you find weak points, fix them.

Consider your children and pets when you decide where the control panels should be installed. Both tend to be curious and will want to check out anything new. Make sure your unit is installed well above the reach of curious hands and falls. Also, keep in consideration if your children sleepwalk or tend to wake up and wonder around the home while you’re sleeping. Talk with your home security representative for suggestions to guard against your child or pet setting off the system accidentally.

Consider your landscaping if motion lights or motion sensors will be installed as part of your system. You need to decide if you want the sensors to be hidden or in full view. You may need to cut back some bushes or rearrange flowerbeds to accommodate the equipment.

Think about the wiring of your home installation system. Though the installer will do the actual wiring, it is best to check ahead of time and make sure the basic components for the system are working properly. You will need to know ahead of time how much rewiring is going to have to be done to add the security system. For example, if the system has motion sensors or an alarm, it will have different needs with wiring that a system that has cameras. Furthermore, if you have a camera system monitoring only the outside of the home, it will require different things than one that also monitors the inside rooms. Also, keep in mind that a hardwired security system must go through the walls in the home. These work better, but they were likely be areas of wall that need to be patched up and repaint it after installation is complete. If you have an unfinished basement, your house will be easier to wire than one that has a finished basement.

With a little planning and decision-making ahead of time, home security installation will not turn into a problem. From a multisystem that also guards against fires or medical emergencies, to your basic system that sounded alarm if there is a break-in, a home security system can go a long way in giving you peace of mind.